The seminar


During two days – 14 and 15 October, 2010 – Florianópolis will bring together some of the world’s most distinguished Distance Education researchers and experts for the GUIDE International Seminar on Virtual Higher Education. Specialists from various countries will discuss breakthroughs, challenges, accomplishments and recommendations and seek to bring current trends into focus. 

Organized in collaboration between UnisulVirtual, from Brazil, CEDIPROE (Centro de Diseño, Producciión y Evaluación de Recursos Multimediales para el Aprendizaje) and USGM (Università degli Studi Guglielmo Marconi), from Italy, the seminar is promoted by the GUIDE Association, an international organization based in Rome and founded by USGM, which fosters research and seeks to enhance Distance Education resources in institutes an universities across the globe.


With a comprehensive program – ranging from network society to Higher Education mediated by technology – the seminar will discuss the future of knowledge in the digital era as well as different teaching approaches for Virtual Higher Education.

Scholars, researchers and consultants from renowned Distance Education institutions from Argentina, Brazil, England, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Uruguay and the USA will share their experiences and the results of research in different social and academic contexts.
Addressed to a wide audience of the education sector, the GUIDE International Seminar on Virtual Higher Education has the objective of sharing and increasing knowledge and research results on Virtual Education as well as encouraging their practical application in the day to day activities of all people involved in Virtual Higher Education.